Since their domain was first registered and business inception in April of 2005 JumperDeals,Ltd. has gone from strong to stronger. Boasting long lasting international connections the US-based company has recently announced huge strides have been made as a inflatable manufacturer, along with becoming the #1 most extensive inflatable repair facilitator in the country.  Customers couldn’t be more pleased.

September 15, 2015

Inflatable games are more popular than ever, making a company that consistently delivers the highest quality inflatable games in the industry an in-demand resource.  This is the enviable position US-based Jumper Deals find themselves in, recently celebrating the fact that they have grown in the last few years into a inflatable global sales force to be reckoned with. Founded in 2002 as strictly a party rental company filing under a different FEIN, Jumper Deals has evolved over the years into something much more than that, with regularly scheduled trips to the factory in Guangzhou, China since 2007 to ensure manufacturing is compliant with U.S. Standards and even building the #1 most extensive inflatable repair network in North America. This was facilitated by their sister company, the subsidiary company trains other companies for professional inflatable repairs with students driving and flying in from all over the country meanwhile positioning themselves as the largest networked chain of repair facilities nationwide thus offering the best inflatable warranty known to the industry to benefit JumperDeals clients. Sewing inflatables is a niche skill set which is most often used repairing damaged inflatables from their manufacturing rivals.

“We are here for our customers before, during, and after their purchase,”  commented a spokesperson from Jumper Deals.  “Our mission is to help and see our customers companies grow and be successful.  There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients go from a small, to a medium and then to a large businesses working with us the entire time.  It’s a total win/win experience, where we build our businesses together.”

According to the company, they are very happy to offer a catalog of inflatable jumpers, including a variety like:  inflatable jumpers, inflatable combos, inflatable water combos, inflatable water slides, inflatable branding for retail stores and companies, and much, much more.  Everything is manufactured to the highest quality in the inflatable jumper world, and Jumper Deals can even arrange for container loads of product at wholesale prices for other companies & investors in any country, plus arrange a tour of the factory where they are manufactured for interested clients.

Feedback from customers continues to be passionate.

Chris C., from Boston, recently said, “We have a birthday party business and we wouldn’t think of working with anyone else aside from Jumper Deals.  They never let us down, and have customer support that honestly cares about our concerns.  Five stars and fully recommended.”

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